5 Impressive DIY Designs to Give Your Bedroom a New Look

Several adjectives define a bedroom quite right. They capture the feel and touch of it. This is one room that is expected to bring tranquility, to spell ease and comfort, and to serve as a haven and/or a sanctuary. Your bedroom should be that place where you forget everything that troubles you. It should keep both your body and soul together and should be one of the reasons you always look forward to getting home after the day’s stress.

Of course, your bedroom would be this tranquil, comfortable, and more if you are spending more exquisite moments with it. Checking through the reviews of homeowners on ReviewsBird.com, a bedroom first requires attention from you before it can serve and attend to your needs. It begins from buying design pieces, getting involved in interior details that matter, and doing certain things yourself. It is true everything is not about money.

There are designs you can do yourself to give your bedroom a facelift. Here are a few you should check out.

1.     Bedroom Wall Art:

Try a printable bedroom wall art if you don’t know where to begin your design. Art, as defined, is enough to give your bedroom that facelift. There are hundreds of them online you can go through and get printed. If you are considering going into any one of them, keep in mind the symbol of the artwork and if its color blends well with the bedroom color.

2.     Photo Heart Collage:

A collage is like an album of similarly grouped photos. These photos usually have some form of association and/or linkages. You can decide to decorate your bedroom with a collage of photos that make you smile. Or you can try other photo ideas such as college photos or high school photos. In all, personalize your collage and make it both fun and impressive in your bedroom.

3.     Try Some Flowers:

Nothing more fun than having the outside brought inside. You can try your hand on some planters and flowers. You can create some fun book planters yourself or a garland of map flowers. Whatever the decision you make, the freshness of having greens in your bedroom, embracing the natural, and incorporating them into your designs are enough to keep your room habitual.

4.     Black and White Palette:

Introduce some contrast to your bedroom. How about a black and white patterned textile or a touch of that on the wooden bench at the foot of your bed? If you are going for it, make it stylish. You can integrate black with natural white to make for an impressive accent.

5.     Be Bold with Wallpapers:

Wallpapers can be the tone decoder for your bedroom. Use those of warm and cool colors and be intentional with them. Try removable wallpapers if you are not the type that can stay committed to a design. Interpret the wallpapers in your way and be sure they are bold enough to bring out the accent and style of your bedroom.


Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone, designs can be consuming. But doing it yourself allows you some independent choices and keeps you content with the decisions you make.